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The mind goggles

goggleSo Jeremy Corbyn is to appear on Gogglebox.    I know this is for charity but can’t help but feel this is just more of Corbyn “Getting down with the kids”.   Glad to see he has nothing more important to do, like run the country.

UK’s most influential black person

I see that businesswoman Gina Miller has beemillern named as Britain’s most influential black person by Powerful Media.  Miller won a legal challenge on Brexit which ruled parliament had to vote on whether Theresa May could trigger Article 50.
Interesting that there is no “Britains most influential white person award” though.   In fact, if you Google “uk most influential white person” six of the first ten links found refer to Britain’s most influential black person.   Imagine if this was the other way around.

Super Troopers

downloadOn Wednesday night the Manchester City/Wolves Carabao Cup match ended all square after extra time. The game therefore needed to be decided by the dreaded penalty shoot out to see who would go into the quarter-final draw.   Following it on BBC Sport I saw that they were using the ABBA format for the shoot out.   WTF is that I thought!  Apparently this is a new system introduced by FIFA and EUFA which the FA will use across all English Football League tournaments from this season.  Instead of each team taking alternative penalties, team A will take the first penalty, team B then take the next two penalties followed by team A, repeat.   Hence ABBA.

The logic behind this new system is that there is greater mental pressure on the player taking the second kick in the traditional format.  My God, these players are paid an absolute fortune to take this type of pressure and are basically just doing their job.

For the record, Man City scored with their first A kick.   Wolves missed their “less pressure” B kicks with City scoring both of their following A kicks to win the match.    Looks like that worked then!

Why try to fix the something that isn’t broken.




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Jeremy Corbyn to meet top EU negotiator and say Labour is ready to lead talks

Jeremy Corbyn is to meet the top EU Brexit negotiator Michael Barnier, European President Antonio Tajani and other key European politicians in Brussels today claiming that Labour is ready to lead talks.   He will also meet other European prime ministers in talks which he hopes will help in moving the Brexit talks forward.   His meetings are scheduled at the same time as Theresa May heads to a meeting of EU nation state leaders in a bid to kick-start stalled Brexit talks.


Now I may have missed something here but if I recollect Labour lost the last election so are not in government and Corbyn is not Prime Minister.    So why is he really going to Brussels and why are the leaders of the EU ready to meet the leader of the opposition, something they don’t normally do?   Add the fact that Corbyn has voted against the EU in every parliamentary vote since the ’80s.  All very strange.

So why is he really there?  My theory is that he is there to undermine the elected government and that the EU leaders are happy for this to happen as they hope it will weaken our negotiations.







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Harvey Weinstein

So, what a character this Harvey Weinstein is.   They say there is no smoke without fire and this man is blazing more than the fires in California.   There are some saying that this guy has mental issues but I just see someone who was exploiting his position and has been protected by the powers that be in La La Land for a long time.   I fear this creep is not alone and that this behaviour is the expected norm in the movie world.

However, as a lot of people have mentioned, why has it taken so long for the victims to come out with these accusations.   Could it be that they were scared that making such accusations would impact or damage their fledgling careers, some seem to have been comfortable in his presence as can be seen in the pictures below, or did they feel that the power Weinstein held and his sway in the business would mean they had no chance of the accusations being heard or indeed acted upon.

At the end of the day, it would appear that this “dark side of the business” was known by many who chose to stay quiet and this includes those accusing Weinstein, some who accepted out of court settlements to stay quiet.   It is also worth noting that Weinstein’s star was falling with his winning streak of awards on the downward spiral resulting in his power and influence waning.   As Zack Stentz, the screenwriter of Thor and X-men: First Class posted on Twitter We’ll know Hollywood culture has changed when a predator at the height of his power is taken down, not just someone already in decline.”  And until this happens the exploitation (both ways) will continue.

What’s your medicine?are you gay

In the crazy PC world we now live in, under new NHS guidelines, health professionals in England are to be told to ask patients aged 16 or over about their sexual orientation.  This guidance applies to doctors, nurses and local councils responsible for adult social care.  NHS England have said that no one would be forced to answer the question but recording the data would ensure that “no patient is discriminated against and it will not impact the care people receive”.   It is reassuring to hear that in all cases no one will be discriminated against and that we will all receive the best care possible.

The Family Doctor Association said that the monitoring of peoples sexuality was “Potentially intrusive and offensive” with Chairman Dr Peter Swinyard telling the BBC that for older patients in particular, sexuality “doesn’t affect health outcomes or care”.  In fact he said that there were “relatively few medical conditions” where this information would be relevant.

So why do they need to know our sexual orientation?

Jobs for the boys?


As a result of a government-backed review conducted by Sir John Parker, the chairman of the mining company Anglo American, the largest British companies have been given up to four years to appoint at least one board director from an ethnic background.  Companies in the FTSE100 have been instructed to end all-white boardrooms  by 2021, with the next tier of companies, in the FTSE250, having until 2024.

The four year target mirrors that adopted by Mervyn Davies, the former Standard Chartered chief executive, who set a target of 25% of FTSE100 boardroom seats being held by women by 2015 as part of his 2011 review of the number of women on boards.

There is clearly an imbalance within top company boardrooms and the stats do seem to back this up.  14% of UK citizens are from ethnic backgrounds but only account for 2% of director positions and 51% of the FTSE 100 companies have no people from ethnic minorities on their boards at all.   The question I have is why are targets being set at all.    Surely all positions should be on merit, which I agree doesn’t appear to be the case now.  But if an excellent white, christian man is overlooked and then someone else who is not as skilled is appointed just to meet quotas, then this is wrong.   Surely it is the role of shareholders to vote in the board members not government mandarins.

James wisecracks backfire


James Corden decided to hit his audience with some Harvey Weinstein jokes when he was master of ceremonies at the gala for amfAR, a foundation for Aids research, on the evening Friday 13th October.

Corden firstly said “This is a beautiful room. It’s a beautiful night here in LA. So beautiful, Harvey Weinstein has already asked tonight up to his hotel to give him a massage.”  He followed this with “It has been weird this week though, watching Harvey Weinstein in hot water. Ask any of the women who watched him take a bath.” And later: “Harvey Weinstein wanted to come tonight, but sadly he’ll settle for whatever potted plant is closest.”

As a result of his “jokes” he has been lambasted and condemned by US Twitterazzi, with Rose McGowan, who has accused Weinstein of rape, tweeting “You motherfucking piglet”.   Lets hope Mr Corden is not the sensitive type.

Corden has since issued the following apology.

To be clear, sexual assault is no laughing matter. I was not trying to make light of Harvey’s inexcusable behavior, but to shame him, the abuser, not his victims. I am truly sorry for anyone offended, that was never my intention”.  

However, some have questioned its sincerity claiming it was put together by his PR team due the the American spelling of behaviour.   It has certainly turned out to be a Friday The 13th Nightmare for our James.

Corden’s sense of timing must be called into question and the jokes maybe not be that funny but it is rather ironic that the US are outraged by a couple of ill-advised jokes yet defend the rights of a lunatic to bare arms and shoot 500 innocent people.