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Jeremy Corbyn to meet top EU negotiator and say Labour is ready to lead talks

Jeremy Corbyn is to meet the top EU Brexit negotiator Michael Barnier, European President Antonio Tajani and other key European politicians in Brussels today claiming that Labour is ready to lead talks.   He will also meet other European prime ministers in talks which he hopes will help in moving the Brexit talks forward.   His meetings are scheduled at the same time as Theresa May heads to a meeting of EU nation state leaders in a bid to kick-start stalled Brexit talks.


Now I may have missed something here but if I recollect Labour lost the last election so are not in government and Corbyn is not Prime Minister.    So why is he really going to Brussels and why are the leaders of the EU ready to meet the leader of the opposition, something they don’t normally do?   Add the fact that Corbyn has voted against the EU in every parliamentary vote since the ’80s.  All very strange.

So why is he really there?  My theory is that he is there to undermine the elected government and that the EU leaders are happy for this to happen as they hope it will weaken our negotiations.








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