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Some weekly observations

The mind goggles

goggleSo Jeremy Corbyn is to appear on Gogglebox.    I know this is for charity but can’t help but feel this is just more of Corbyn “Getting down with the kids”.   Glad to see he has nothing more important to do, like run the country.

UK’s most influential black person

I see that businesswoman Gina Miller has beemillern named as Britain’s most influential black person by Powerful Media.  Miller won a legal challenge on Brexit which ruled parliament had to vote on whether Theresa May could trigger Article 50.
Interesting that there is no “Britains most influential white person award” though.   In fact, if you Google “uk most influential white person” six of the first ten links found refer to Britain’s most influential black person.   Imagine if this was the other way around.

Super Troopers

downloadOn Wednesday night the Manchester City/Wolves Carabao Cup match ended all square after extra time. The game therefore needed to be decided by the dreaded penalty shoot out to see who would go into the quarter-final draw.   Following it on BBC Sport I saw that they were using the ABBA format for the shoot out.   WTF is that I thought!  Apparently this is a new system introduced by FIFA and EUFA which the FA will use across all English Football League tournaments from this season.  Instead of each team taking alternative penalties, team A will take the first penalty, team B then take the next two penalties followed by team A, repeat.   Hence ABBA.

The logic behind this new system is that there is greater mental pressure on the player taking the second kick in the traditional format.  My God, these players are paid an absolute fortune to take this type of pressure and are basically just doing their job.

For the record, Man City scored with their first A kick.   Wolves missed their “less pressure” B kicks with City scoring both of their following A kicks to win the match.    Looks like that worked then!

Why try to fix the something that isn’t broken.





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