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The World’s gone crazy (Part1)

Child Porn

Sarah Hall is a 40 year old mother of two from Newcastle. After reading a school book to her six-year old son Ben she deemed that the book had too much detail about sexual behaviour and felt that it was totally inappropriate in today’s society.    She therefore requested that her son’s primary school remove the book form the curriculum due to its “inappropriate sexual message”.

The book in question, in case you also want this filth removed from your children’s school, is Sleeping Beauty.

What do we ban next?

  • The story of a child breaking into houses, stealing food and sleeping in other peoples beds. (The three bears)
  • Another child who visits a strange land and kills the first person she meets. She then teams up with three strangers and kills again. (Wizard of Oz)
  • A young girl enslaved by seven men. (Snow White)

Sorry, but I fail to see how this classic timeless childrens story can be taken as offensive and inappropriate, especially for a six year old who will not understand sexual attitudes. I believe Ms Hall has let her own imagination run away with itself and maybe should take a look at herself.

Interestingly, Ms Hall has her own PR firm in the North East. Here’s a clip from her profile.

Sarah Hall is a pioneer of best practice in the PR industry. The holder of the CIPR’s Sir Stephen Tallents medal 2014 for exceptional achievement in public relations practice, she has established a reputation as an ethics tsar and gender and equality advocate through her work with the Institute.

Obviously she is very good at PR.

As for Ben, this poor lad has another 12 years of this rubbish to put up with before he can escape to a land far away and live happily ever after.


Meanwhile, in the world of gender equality, Natasha Devon MBE published an article claiming ‘I received rape and death threats after I suggested schools use gender-neutral language’.   Natasha is a writer and social critic who travels schools and colleges throughout the UK delivering classes and conducting research with teenagers, teachers and parents on mental health, body image and social equality.

In her article (link here)  she claims that here comments were wilfully misinterpreted by both mainstream and digital media when she spoke at the Girls School Association Annual Conference. The main thrust of her argument was “a sense of belonging is one of the five fundamental psychological human needs. In making sweeping assumptions about gender, sexuality and identity we can create a culture in which anyone who deviates from the established archetypes feels excluded from the community and therefore doesn’t have this need fulfilled. One way we as educators could help to avoid this is by using gender-neutral language when addressing groups of pupils.”  She then went on to praise the City of London Girls’ School which asks speakers specifically to refer to year groups as “students” rather than “girls” or “ladies” because they want to be as inclusive as possible.

Now there is no way I would condone the type of abuse she says that she has received as a result of her comments.     However, her example of the City of London Girls School does not really make sense.   Its a girls school, who else are they trying to include?

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Chasing snowflakes


Well now I’ve seen it all. Stationery and gift retailer Paperchase has apologised to its followers on social media. It’s offence, the disgusting front page offer in Saturday’s Daily Mail of free Christmas wrapping paper worth £4.75. This resulted in Paperchase recieving a number of objections from the snowflakes of the world (The irony that’s its Christmas wrapping paper).

Customers used to think: “Oh, we could buy some stationary from Paperchase.”

Now we think: “Avoid Paperchase, as I don’t want my money to be used promoting hate.”

Paperchase is paying the Daily Mail to write opinion pieces telling women to not come forward in cases of sexual assault. You’re literally doing that

I’m lost for words!




This is the headline from an article in The Independent newspaper. Apparently Topshop have abolished gender-specific changing rooms after receiving complaints from transgender customers. News of this change comes after writer and performer Travis Alabanza told the High Street Brand on Twitter that they had “just experienced transphobia” in Manchester after being denied entry to one of the their changing room.

A Topshop spokesperson confirmed that their changing rooms are gender-neutral spaces and that customers are free to use any fitting room located in their stores. Despite this, Alabanza was refused access to one of the changing rooms, doesn’t state if it was the “Male” or “Female” changing rooms although I am assuming they were trying to access the “Female” rooms as they describe themselves as Trans Feminine, and accused Topshop of putting transgender shoppers at risk of “harassment” from fellow customers, labelling gendered changing rooms as “dated and dangerous.”

Now I know I’m middle-aged but I have never heard of Travis Alabanza. However, with the help of Google I have found out via Alabanza’s Facebook page that they are a “London based performance artist, theatre maker, writer & general shit talker”.

I wonder what would happen if Topshop recieve enough complaints from persons(Male) and persons(Female) for separate changing rooms. My bet is that they won’t reverse this crazy rule change.

I also note that the headline states that Topshop have removed Womens Only changing rooms. I take it the Mens changing rooms are still in operation

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Jeremy Corbyn appoints convicted fraudster to his parliamentary office

Hard-left activist Marsha-Jane Thompson has been employed by Jeremy Corbyn to work in his parliamentary offifraudce.  Thompson was sentenced to 100 hours community service after being convicted of fraud and false accounting after she admitted to filling out and submitting multiple voter registration forms herself.

When approached for comment about the controversial staff appointment, a spokesperson for Mr Corbyn conveniently stated: “We do not comment on staff issues.”

This news has only been covered by The Telegraph, The Mail and The Standard.   Absolute silence from the left wing press


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Grenfell fraudster


Anh Nhu Nguyen pleaded guilty to fraud after he claimed that his wife and son were killed in the Grenfell Tower fire.    He obtained £12,500 from charities and Kensington and Chelsea Council as well as being given a hotel room, clothing, food and electrical items, all which should have gone to true victims of the fire.   Incredibly he even posed as a victim and shock hands with the Prince of Wales when he visited a relief centre set up in the wake of the disaster.

Nguyen, who was born in Vietnam and has been in the UK since the 80’s, has 28 previous convictions for 56 offences over 30 years including theft, dishonest offences, arson and grievous bodily harm.   In addition, he has 17 aliases.   Also, despite living here for 30+ years he still needed the help of an interpreter to make his plea of guilty on two accounts.   Obviously integration is still work in progress.

Kate Mulholland from the Crown Prosecution Service said: “Nguyen’s deceit in the aftermath of such a catastrophic loss of life was breathtaking.”  What is also breathtaking is that this guy is still in this country with such a criminal record.   What I can’t believe is that no one thought to check whether his story was true.    Surely a simple check of his name against the official list of tenants at the flats would have identified that his claim was fraudulent.   Unfortunately,   so many “do gooders” were falling over themselves to be seen to be helping the victims that clearly no such checks took place.   How many others have got away with free handouts at the cost of others.