Ethnicity, Fraud, Grenfell

Grenfell fraudster


Anh Nhu Nguyen pleaded guilty to fraud after he claimed that his wife and son were killed in the Grenfell Tower fire.    He obtained £12,500 from charities and Kensington and Chelsea Council as well as being given a hotel room, clothing, food and electrical items, all which should have gone to true victims of the fire.   Incredibly he even posed as a victim and shock hands with the Prince of Wales when he visited a relief centre set up in the wake of the disaster.

Nguyen, who was born in Vietnam and has been in the UK since the 80’s, has 28 previous convictions for 56 offences over 30 years including theft, dishonest offences, arson and grievous bodily harm.   In addition, he has 17 aliases.   Also, despite living here for 30+ years he still needed the help of an interpreter to make his plea of guilty on two accounts.   Obviously integration is still work in progress.

Kate Mulholland from the Crown Prosecution Service said: “Nguyen’s deceit in the aftermath of such a catastrophic loss of life was breathtaking.”  What is also breathtaking is that this guy is still in this country with such a criminal record.   What I can’t believe is that no one thought to check whether his story was true.    Surely a simple check of his name against the official list of tenants at the flats would have identified that his claim was fraudulent.   Unfortunately,   so many “do gooders” were falling over themselves to be seen to be helping the victims that clearly no such checks took place.   How many others have got away with free handouts at the cost of others.





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