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Former Finsbury Park Mosque hate preacher, the hook-handed Abu Hamza has demanded that he be returned to the United Kingdom as life is too tough in his US prison.  His lawyer said that he would return to his British jail “in a second” if the opportunity arose.   I bet he would.

He has complained that the “inhuman and degrading” conditions in the “supermax” prison in Florence, Colorado “breach his human rights”.    Hamza’s lawyers have said he is “hopeful” about his appeal claiming that his “cell-sized” cage is unsuitable for a double amputee and  “the stumps in both arms are subject to regular outbreaks of infection, which have been increasing in severity.”

The former imam was given a life sentence for terrorism and kidnapping offences in New York in January 2015 and has since been mostly kept in solitary confinement in a special unit, preventing him from contacting most of the outside world.

Now as much as my heart bleeds for this despicable person I believe he should be left to rot.   Did he consider the human rights of the Western tourists he had a role in kidnapping in Yemen in 1998 which led to the death of four of them.

My fear is if Corbyn and his marxist friends get into power then we will see this evil bastard on British shores again.