This is the headline from an article in The Independent newspaper. Apparently Topshop have abolished gender-specific changing rooms after receiving complaints from transgender customers. News of this change comes after writer and performer Travis Alabanza told the High Street Brand on Twitter that they had “just experienced transphobia” in Manchester after being denied entry to one of the their changing room.

A Topshop spokesperson confirmed that their changing rooms are gender-neutral spaces and that customers are free to use any fitting room located in their stores. Despite this, Alabanza was refused access to one of the changing rooms, doesn’t state if it was the “Male” or “Female” changing rooms although I am assuming they were trying to access the “Female” rooms as they describe themselves as Trans Feminine, and accused Topshop of putting transgender shoppers at risk of “harassment” from fellow customers, labelling gendered changing rooms as “dated and dangerous.”

Now I know I’m middle-aged but I have never heard of Travis Alabanza. However, with the help of Google I have found out via Alabanza’s Facebook page that they are a “London based performance artist, theatre maker, writer & general shit talker”.

I wonder what would happen if Topshop recieve enough complaints from persons(Male) and persons(Female) for separate changing rooms. My bet is that they won’t reverse this crazy rule change.

I also note that the headline states that Topshop have removed Womens Only changing rooms. I take it the Mens changing rooms are still in operation